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Eurotruss-logoMoCap Solutions & EUROTRUSS join forces to make your creative ideas possible with high quality produced products. Eurotruss, leading supplier of Aluminium truss systems, staging, stage decks and rigging gear on the international market.



Eurotruss is one of the leading international suppliers of High-Quality Aluminium Truss & Truss systems. They have been in business since the 1990s and their heritage shapes the way they do business today. Eurotruss’ corporate vision – provide solutions at the highest quality, service and support level without losing the human aspect – shows how clearly they understand 21st century-users and their needs.

Eurotruss manufacturers Truss, Roofs, Lifters, Stage Decks and Barriers all under one roof. Besides these products, they supply all complementary accessories and rigging products like safety equipment and rigging hoists.



Including Conical Truss, Plated Truss, and Spigoted Truss.

Eurotruss has a wide range of aluminum truss systems. The worldwide leading HD/FD lightweight truss system, they carry ground support towers, PA and rigging towers plus bigger truss systems like the rectangular XD, the 50cm (20,5”) ST, foldable truss systems and Pre Rig Truss.

In the Pre Rig range, Eurotruss offers a 101cm (40”) rectangular TT system with upgrade versions called TTU / TTS (higher loading specs) and special Touring Truss called PRT.  Next to the conical connection truss systems Eurotruss also produces Spigoted Truss and Plated Truss. Some of these series are also available as Circle elements.


Including Arch Roofs, Pitch Roofs, Sandle Roofs, Tunnel Roofs, and Stage Integration.

Eurotruss designed its total roof range in order to meet the market standards in terms of size, load bearing capacity, truss system, modularity, and flexibility.

The Eurotruss Roof System is a temporarily mobile structure to cover a stage and provide the possibility of hanging numbers of light fixtures, PA, Led Screens and other fixtures required to make a spectacular show under any given circumstance.

Eurotruss considers during development and designs the safety, the environmental circumstances, and the required load bearing capacity. All Eurotruss roof constructions are calculated according to the current European Standards and Regulations.

Stage Decks

Including Stage Decks, Legs, Stairs, Safety Railings, Accessories and Scaffolding Integration.

Eurotruss Stage Decks the perfect modular stage deck system for stages, fashion show catwalks, tribunes and conference podiums.

A guaranteed top product approved by the TüV and available in standard metric and imperial sizes. The Eurotruss Deck is characterized by its light weight, modularity, quality and its fair price. An extensive range of multi purpose stage decks – a lot of value for your money!


Including Top Loader, Front Loader, Front Loader Sound, and Accessories.

The Eurotruss lifters have been developed for professionals and carry impressive features as state of the art safety features, impressive loads at given heights and a user-friendly design. All Eurotruss Lifters are powder coated black.

Eurotruss Lifters are available in five models:

  • The Top Loaders: TL- 530 & TL-660
  • The Front Loader FL-830
  • Two Front loaders for Flying PA: FLS-520 & FLS-620


Including Barriers and Dollies.

Crowd Barriers are commonly used at events calling for demarcation or prohibition of access to and from open spaces. Eurotruss is pleased to present the barriers series.

They are made with aluminum, a durable and absolutely environmental friendly material. They are foldable, easy to remove, store, transport and install and disassemble. They distinguish themselves for their high quality, corrosion, and aging resistance, offering a combination of optimum safety and comfort for both the audience and rescue personnel.

They are connected one by one and feature extended footboard to make the barriers more stable as well as an adjustable corner. The slope on front board avoids accidental tripping.


Including Hoists, Fall Protection, and Rigging Materials.

Eurotruss carries a range of rigging accessories which are required on ground-supported towers and structures such as roof systems.

Eurotruss selected hardware for extra safety, dead hanging, rigging and guy wiring. All items meet the working load requirements and safety standards. Eurotruss recognized that it’s 100% imperative to keep riggers working safely, so they should be equipped and facilitated with the right equipment. Eurotruss can help recommending and facilitating your workers with the right equipment to keep them safe.

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