3x3 Stretch MoCap Suit Speaks for Itself

3x3 Stretch MoCap Suit Speaks for Itself

As many of you have already heard, we have officially launched our all-new 3x3 stretch Synth-X Motion Capture Suit.These suits are the result of 2 years of research and hard work.

After reaching out to the people who have purchased our 3x3 stretch mocap suit, we are thrilled to share the results. The comment we receive from people most often is that the comfort far surpasses that of the old suit. Some have even commented on wanting to sleep in the suit! It is that comfortable. This can be credited to not only the custom material, but also to the 3x3 stretch that we incorporated into this mocap suit. It allows actors to move freely without losing the original shape of the suit.

Based on one customer’s feedback, we were told that the drawstring feature that eliminates the need for the bulky belt has been a game changer because it allows for more natural movement without the belt getting in the way or making them uncomfortable. This is another great feature that the 3x3 stretch has brought to the table in our Synth-X mocap suit.Eliminating the bulky belt to enhance movement was one of our goals in creating this suit.

Having a 3x3 stretch has also incorporated a stronger hold for the mocap markers. According to a customer, they wore our new 3x3 stretch mocap suit all day and never had a single marker fall off during performance capture. They were wearing this suit for 12 hours and were shooting action scenes the entire day. A major bonus of our mocap markers is the fact that they are customizable when you are on set. If you need them to fit in a specific spot on the suit, no matter how small, thesemocap markers can be cut to size, by you when you are on set. Regardless of how you cut them, they will not lose their stick. The stick is only enhanced when paired with a 3x3 stretch mocap suit.

Enough with us telling you how amazing our new 3x3 stretch mocap suit is. See for yourself! Click here to see the full specks of our new mocap suit and order yours today.