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As the premier manufacture and supplier of all motion capture suits and accessories, our custom motion capture products are unlike any other.  Our mocap suit, markers and accessories help capture "the perfect shot". 

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Check out the insane X-Base Marker adhesion to our new MoCap Suit


"The Synth-X suit is so much lighter and more breathable than the old suit and it feels light and more flexible, as well. The material is great - super soft. I really like the velcro pants that allow you to tuck the top in - it helps keeps things in place. I also like the drawstring to tighten the pants. The sleeve with the thumb holes is SO much more comfortable than the three elastics that used to go around your fingers."

Shazzy Gustafson, Nickelodeon

“The Synth-X suit is a uniquely designed Motion Capture suit, built for durable functionality but yet a lightweight second skin that is breathable and dynamic. The four way stretch allows a full range of motion and mobility while keeping its resiliency throughout the day. A truly wonderful suit!” 


"I would much rather spend an entire day in this new MoCap Solutions Synth-X Suit then spend one hour in the old suit."

Nicole Sciacca

"When we couldn't find a better fabric to make our MOCAP suits from, we made our own. Years in the making and testing, Synth-X is truly like nothing else on earth."  

Tom Armbruster

I love the mocap suit! It was super comfortable and breathable. I received a lot of compliments on it during the show from mocap actors! It was very easy to put on and take off. The fabric is very light so I didn’t feel hot or uncomfortable wearing it for 8 hours a day. Very impressed!

Jessica Provencher

"This suit is simply remarkable"