MoCap Solutions is the premier manufacturer and supplier of ALL motion capture accessories. We have literally revolutionized the business of motion capture suits and markers. All of our products are made in the United States and held to the same dimensional tolerances and statistical process controls as automotive and aerospace components.

All of our motion capture markers are injection molded from a highly engineered, space age, thermoplastic polymer, an extremely durable yet flexible material. This allows the markers to fit against the human form comfortably yet remain intact during even the harshest motion capture sessions. The one-piece design of our mocap markers means that there are no fasteners to break or come loose. That, combined with the physical properties of the polymer material, means our markers are virtually indestructible!

We utilize state of the art 3D CAD software to produce our designs. We build aerospace quality injection molds in order to manufacture all of our motion capture components. We have developed automated processes to manufacture all of our components. This ensures dimensional stability and repeatability to ensure the best possible tracking data.