Why the MoCap Solutions Synth-X Suit is Right for Your Team

As the premier manufacturer and supplier of all motion capture suits and accessories, our custom motion capture suits are unlike any other. We know the work that goes into capturing “the perfect shot”.  We have completely reinvented the fabric making it more reliable for accurate data tracking and more comfortable for the wearer. We spent two years developing the body suit fabric and it is nothing short of perfection. We use aerospace quality materials and hold our products to the same dimensional tolerances as the automotive and aerospace industries. Our specially engineered mocap suits work with the best motion capture technology including OptiTrack, Vicon, Qualisys and 209 Group.


MoCap Solutions understands that the body suits are used for different film and game performance capture projects. Our goal is to help create the perfect fit, full body custom suits that are perfect for each individual.  Your comfort and satisfaction was a large component of our design process. These motion capture suits are, without a doubt, the most comfortable suit ever to grace a mocap stage. Comparable priced, our motion capture suit cost is reasonable and can be shipped directly to you.

As an industry leader in performance capture, we are constantly looking for ways to push the film and game industry forward.

To purchase our cost effective, custom suit online please click here.