MoCap Solutions Synth-x Suit Story

 For decades the Motion Capture industry has been stuck using off-the-shelf materials to construct motion capture suits. The idea of the full body suit is that it fits snugly to our bodies throughout every movement made while in use. We’ve found the full body suit to be the easy part. Problems arise with the Velcro, which must stick to the suit in order for motion analysis experts to pick up the movements. It is easy to find a material that fits right and is really comfortable for the user. It is also easy to find a material that velcro will really stick to. However, finding these features in the same material has proved to be a challenge.

After searching the world and settling, again and again, on a material that we could stick to the MoCap markers, we chose a different path. We decided to not only make our own suits, but to make our own material, as well.

We partnered with a clothing company that makes their own amazing fabrics. In discussing our problems with materials we have tried in the past, we tried using good visualization to help them understand our problems but it wasn’t until we had them try on a mocap suit that they truly understood where the improvements needed to be made. Once our partnership began, we started making our own custom suit fabrics. After two years of trial and error we finally made the perfect fabric for our motion capture suit. This fabric, now known as Synth-x, is anti-microbial, breathable, comfortable, fits like a glove and most importantly- velcro sticks like glue.

Once we had Synth-x completed we set out to make big changes to the suit, itself. Because Synth-x breathes as your body temperature rises, there was no need to add Lycra panels to any part of the suit. However, we did add cuffs to the sleeves in order to keep them taut during performance capture. We also integrated a system used to secure the suit top inside of the suit pants. The next step was making sure our stitching was seamless. Triple stitching made them nearly bulletproof. Lastly, we eliminated the bulky nylon belt that all other MoCap suits use, replacing it with a comfortable drawstring- similar to one found in a pair of board shorts.


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