How to clean your Motion Capture Suits & Markers

Motion Capture Suits and Markers cleaning and care



It’s no secret that COVID-19 has opened everyone’s eyes to the need to take extra precautions around the cleanliness of their sets and equipment, including suits and markers. Recently we’ve had several companies ask us about the best way to care for our motion capture suits and X-Base markers.


Below you will find what we have found to work best specifically with MoCap Solutions products. Please note that while we have tested these cleaning processes on our products, we cannot endorse the same results for motion capture suits and markers made by other companies.


Motion Capture Suits

When designing our new suits, we wanted to make sure that we built them to last. To ensure this, we added suit care to the process. We tried multiple detergents and multiple cycles. Here’s what we found to work best over time.

 1. Use Woolite detergent

 2. Wash on a gentle cycle

 3. Hang dry


Motion Capture Markers

We all know that the more you wash mocap markers, the quicker they lose reflectivity. What we’ve found to work with both our X-Base Markers and standard markers, was a simple mixture of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Soap and water. The important thing to remember is to go easy on them. There is a small layer that covers the beads, once it comes off, the markers will start to lose reflectivity rather quickly.


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