Mocap in Action: Cirque Du Soliel

So this is taking facial capture to an entirely new level. Check out this article below about how Cirque Du Soliel is using facial performance capture data to make creative decisions:

"Just like retail brands that monitor footfall traffic and in-store browsing patterns to improve their store layout and customer experience, the performing arts company has turned to visually studying its own audience to determine the quality and appeal of its product.

Gagnon said: “For years, we’ve been using surveys and response rate not only has been low, we can only capture what they experience and gauge their response at the end of a show. We’re now exploring cameras as they’re not as intrusive.”

He explained that the emotions of spectators could be captured and assessed throughout the timeline of the show. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis, he said the company aimed to use these insights to improve future shows or tweak certain segments of a performance.

“We’re prototyping real-time facial response to our shows as they’re happening. The surveys will never tell you that,” he noted. “Also, we have data scientists analysing based on geographical locations [as] we believe [audience behaviour] can differ from Asia to Europe, for instance.”

“It’s the classic [need] to understand our audience better so we can do marketing with more precision and, hopefully, better conversions rate. We want to make data-driven decisions." Read more