MoCap Solutions Neon Actions Identifiers

MoCap Solutions Neon Actor Identifiers- pack of 10

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MoCap Solutions Neon Actor Identifiers

  • Neon Identifiers/Actor Identifiers
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • 4" long strips with Velcro backing which can adhered anywhere.
  • Used on motion capture suit to allow for unique actor identifications

MoCap Solutions Equipment and Accessories

MoCap Solutions is the premier manufacturer and supplier of all motion capture suits, markers, equipment and accessories. Our custom new revolutionized performance capture suits are unlike any other. We have completely reinvented the fabric making it more reliable for data tracking and more comfortable for the wearer. We spent two years developing the suit fabric and it is nothing short of perfection. Along with the perfect suit, Mocap Solutions can provide you needed accessories:

  • Motion Capture Gloves
  • Motion Capture Booties/Foot Wraps
  • Motion Capture Beanies
  • Neon Identifiers/Actor Identifiers
  • EZ Patch Velcro backed neoprene patch
  • Adjustment straps for motion capture suit
  • Micopore tape “paper tape”
  • Double sided tape “medical grade tape”
  • Gaffers Tape
  • Skinz Patch
MoCap Solutions can provide all the necessary mocap equipment and accessories needed to ensure that the perfect shoot is captured. All our equipment and accessories work hand in hand with the most sophisticated capture system and most up-to-date technology.