The Mocap Pro Fidelity Glove

The Mocap Pro Fidelity Glove

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Create without compromise!

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Introducing the new line of StretchSense motion capture gloves, designed to cater to a wide range of users, from professionals at major studios to animation enthusiasts' in the comfort of their own living rooms. Our focus is on delivering gloves that prioritize durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness, without compromising on any of these aspects.

Our gloves are crafted to provide exceptional performance while ensuring a comfortable experience that feels like a second skin. We understand the importance of durability, and our new line lives up to the high standards our customers expect from StretchSense. These gloves are built to withstand the demands of busy motion capture stages, including the impact of props and rigorous movements on set. Additionally, they have the ability to capture multi-performer scenes without any issues of occlusion. With our gloves, you won't have to worry about obstructed views or missing out on crucial data. We also provide seamless integration options, allowing you to choose the best integration method for your pipeline.

Thanks to our proprietary stretch sensor technology, you can enjoy top-notch performance without sacrificing comfort or authenticity. These gloves deliver on all fronts, without compromise.

Pro Fidelity: Unparalleled performance without boundaries

Experience the pinnacle of hand motion capture with our Pro Fidelity Glove, priced at $6995. This glove boasts unrivaled fidelity, equipped with 26 sensors that offer complete coverage and precise motion capture. Designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, the Pro Fidelity Glove allows performers to fully immerse themselves in motion capture sessions. It is the ultimate no-compromise hand motion capture solution.

The Mocap Pro Fidelity Glove



  • High Fidelity: With 26 sensors, this glove ensures precise measurement of every joint, enabling lifelike finger movement and accurate motion capture.
  • Fast Setup: Set up performers in less than a minute, thanks to a 30 second calibration process and no need to attach markers.
  • Shockproof Motion Capture: Built to withstand heavy knocks, the Pro Fidelity Glove lets you capture action scenes without worrying about damaging the gloves or re-attaching markers.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a glove that feels like a natural extension of your hand, allowing for uninterrupted motion and exceptional performance.
  • Reliable Wireless Connectivity: With a 60ft wireless range, you can trust in seamless connectivity.
  • Backup for Peace of Mind: The glove includes a microSD card slot, always providing a backup for your raw data.

Pro Software features:

  • Multi-Performer Scenes: Manage up to six performers effortlessly using Hand Engine's stage management features (license included).
  • Handling Complex Props: Our unique Pose Detection technology enables you to capture smooth, continuous hand motion and achieve reliable, stable prop poses in sync with your performer.
  • Keyframe Setting in Maya or MotionBuilder: Animators can set keyframes on a character's hand without needing to adjust every bone, offering a faster and more flexible workflow, even remotely.
  • Integrations: Hand Engine integrates with OptiTrack, Xsens, Vicon Shogun Post, Unreal, Unity, Maya, MotionBuilder and supports timecode and FBX export for Qualisys.

Who can benefit from the StretchSense Pro Fidelity Glove:

  • Professional Motion Capture for Game and VFX: Enjoy prolonged motion capture sessions with a glove that offers precise performance and is built for the rigors of even the most challenging mocap environments.
  • Professional Animators for Game and VFX: Whether capturing hand data in post or looking for a tool to accelerate the keyframing process, the Pro Fidelity will enhance your workflow and give you more time to create.
  • Biomechanics Researchers: Conduct detailed studies easily, knowing that our glove provides accurate measurements and a comfortable experience.