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MoCap Solutions Equipment and Accessories

MoCap Solutions is the premier manufacturer and supplier of all motion capture markers, suits, equipment and accessories. Our custom new revolutionized performance capture suits are unlike any other. We have completely reinvented the fabric making it more reliable for data tracking and more comfortable for the wearer. We spent two years developing the body suit fabric and it is nothing short of perfection.

MoCap Solutions can provide all the necessary equipment and accessories needed to ensure that the perfect shot is captured. All our equipment and accessories work hand in hand with the most sophisticated capture system and most up-to-date technology.

MoCap Solutions understands that mocap suits are used for different film and game projects. Our goal is to help create suits that are perfect for everyone.  Your comfort and satisfaction was a large component of our design process. These motion capture suits are, without a doubt, the most comfortable suits ever to grace a mocap stage. Comparable priced, our motion capture suits are in stock and can be directly  shipped to you.

Below is a list of motion capture equipment that we manufacture and sell.

Motion Capture Suit Accessories

  • Motion Capture Cap (S, M, L)
  • Motion Capture Chin Strap
  • Motion Capture Fingerless Gloves (S/M, L/XL)
  • Motion Capture Booties (S, M, L)


Motion Capture Equipment and Accessories

  • Neon Identifiers/Actor identifiers
  • EZ Patch Velcro backed neoprene patch
  • Adjustment straps for motion capture suit
  • Microspore tape “paper tape”
  • Double sided tape “medical grade tape”
  • Gaffers Tape
  • Skinz Patch


History of Motion Capture

Traditional animation techniques often fail to capture real human movement. Despite an artist’s best intentions, human movement is simply complex to draw by hand.  In 1915 Max Fleischer created the process of Rotoscoping.

By the early 1990’s, a new method of capturing a subject’s motion digitally was being created. Optical Motion Capture (OMC) is the method of turning human movement into digital data. A number of cameras are used to film a subject from different views. These views are then used to reconstruct the movement in 3D, where it can then be applied to a computer model. Most performance capture actors wear a mocap suit with mocap markers attached. The mocap suit was then made from various fabrics including Velcro. The mocap markers attached to the suit by having a Velcro backing.

Today, Optical Motion Capture is used extensively in animation and special effects for major motion pictures and video games. Mocap Solutions markers and suits have been used in a number of popular video games and blockbuster hits.

How does motion capture work?

Optical Motion Capture uses a number of special cameras that view a scene from a variety of angles. In marker-based OMC reflective motion capture markers are placed on the actors body. Because of their reflectivity, the software in the camera can easily recognize these markers. By recording the position of these markers throughout the actor’s movement, the camera can determine the position of the actor’s body. Once captured by the mocap technology it is then transferred to an animated character.

MoCap Solutions History

After our inception in 2003, one of our first jobs was to manufacture facial motion capture markers for the movie, The Polar Express. At the time, our solution for making thousands of these little markers was to hire everyone we knew and put them to work. We were limited on time and supplies and were stuck cutting each marker, individually.

Now, with those days behind us, we’ve moved forward in the motion capture industry, completely re-imagining, re-designing and customizing the markers and suits, thus revolutionizing the industry all together. What was once done by hand is now highly automated. All of our parts are designed using state of the art 3D CAD software and are injection molded, allowing us to produce large quantities of dimensionally accurate parts.

As the premier manufacturer and supplier of motion capture markers, suits and accessories, we have managed to proudly keep most of our designing and manufacturing in the US. All of our designs are our own and can be customized to fit your specific needs. We know the work that goes into capturing “the perfect shot” and are always looking to improve our products. We believe innovation is the key to our success.

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